Quick Patient Registration

  • Fast patient registration improving your staff efficiency
  • Auto generated unique ID numbers
  • Quickly search for existing patients using multiple parameters, eliminating duplicate entries

Medical History

  • Free-form text entry for easy and speedy capture of Medical History in as much detail as required
  • Classification into sub-categories possible for better analysis and evaluation
  • Medical History become a part of the patient’s medical records forever and can be updated as desired

Appointment Scheduling

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly View
  • Entire Patient list for the day can be viewed by one click
  • Better manage your practice and revenues by using appointments
  • Auto generate serial numbers for patient line-up

Electronic Medical Records

  • Record Chief Complaint, Examination and Diagnosis for each visit
  • Record essential health vitals like BP, Height, Weight, R/R, Temperature and other Investigations reports etc.
  • Schedule next follow-up date from the same screen
  • Follow Up patient’s medications, Investigation reports
  • Record images of medical interest

Hand Written Notes/Advice

  • Uploading handwritten notes, advice created by doctor – NO NEED TO use key-board
  • Quick prescription writing pad with predefined advice & handouts in Bangla
  • Options of Handouts, leaflet about disease in patient’s language print out options

Built-in Drug Database & Drug Search

  • Comprehensive Drug Database already built-in
  • Search any drug using Brand name, Generic name
  • Predefined dosage, instructions, strength and course duration making it extremely convenient for your patients to interpret

SMS and Email Alerts (upcoming)

  • Sms Alert on Appointments & next follow up visits
  • Campaign on medical alert to patients
  • Email reminders on next follow up visits

Store Disease Images & Investigations Reports

  • Lab reports, X-rays, MRIs etc can be stored as images.
  • Investigations reports can also be recorded manually.

Customizable Prescription Print

  • Fully customizable prescription template print out options with headers.
  • Advice & Notes in Bangla

Analysis Reports

  • Financial Reports by Date, Date Range, Doctor or Patient
  • Analysis of patients data by Diagnosis,Age,Gender,Area,Medicine etc.

Payment & Billing

  • One-click billing for ease and efficiency
  • Search old Bills by patient name or date

Certificate, Referral form, Vaccine chart & Receipt print

  • Automated certificates, referral letter and money receipt print out options
  • Vaccination advice and records can be kept and printed out


  • Ready referral facility to specialist doctor, hospital, clinic.
  • Search diagnostic lab and investigation availability

Facility of telemedicine

  • Keep in touch with your patient even when you are not physically available in your chamber
  • Maintain more than one chamber without traveling
  • Patient is allowed to consult without traveling to your chamber

Drug Details

  • Doctor can find different essential detail info about particular drugs from the incorporated drug details such as Indication, Side effects, Pregnancy category, Therapeutic class etc.

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